Stereo Microphone Techniques
Using the Bogen 3110 Triple Microphone Holder

ORTF Mic Technique


Blumlein Pair

Blumlein Pair

XY Mic Technique

XY Technique

The Bogen 3110 is made to be fitted to the top of a light
stand with a standard 5/8 inch stud.  An adaptor is needed
to fit it to a 3/8 in. threaded mic stand.

Stand Adaptor

The same stud was used in the XY technique to raise one
microphone above the other.

Normal double-ended stud supplied with the Bogen 3110.

Double-ended stud

Female stud used to raise one microphone by threading onto
1/4 in. end of double-ended stud.

female stud

You may need to adapt the 3/8 inch threaded end to fit your 5/8 inch
threaded microphone clip or shock mount.
Thread adaptors are available
from most pro audio suppliers.

Bogen 3110 Triple Microphone Bar is available here.
Female stud used as mic stand adaptor and to raise one
microphone is available here.

On-Stage Stands Thread Adaptor is available here.